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Dairy & Bakery Ingredients

We are suppliers of Danisco Dairy, Bakery and Fats and Oils Ingredients. We have got Dairy Ingredients and Bakery Ingredients.
They include the following;

Dairy Igredients
  • Emulsifiers
  • Cultures
  • Fats and Oils
  • Enzymes


1. Enzymes:
Our enzymes are specifically designed for the bakery, beverage, dairy, oils & fats and animal feed industries - as well as further industrial applications such as fuel ethanol, cleaning and textiles.

Our enzymes help the food and beverage industry to extend shelf life, optimise production, add texture, ensure quality consistency and reduce costs.

2. Fats and Oils:
We have oil and fats ingredients applicable for Fat based filings, Industrial Margarine, Liquid Bread Improvers, Oil procesing, retail margarines and spreads as well as shortening.


Dairy Ingredients

1. Emulsifiers:
Created from natural raw materials such as vegetable oils, and organic acids, our emulsifiers play an important role in an array of food, pharma and non-food applications like plastics.

Within the food industry, our emulsifiers perform many essential functions, including:

  1. Extending shelf life
  2. Securing the right mouthfeel and product appearance
  3. Stabilising an emulsion
  4. Overcoming raw material variations for ease of processing

2. Cultures:
These are made from raw milk and bacterial strain collections. Cultures are used to acidify milk in the production of yoghurt, butter and cheese.

Cultures keep food from spoiling and impart unique flavours and textures. Some cultures, called probiotics, even help keep us healthy.

Dairy & Bakery Ingredients


Fats and Oils



Bakeries Enzymes

Cream Separators

Cream Separators that is designed to separate cream from the milk ready for processing into other dairy products.

Milk Sampler

Measuring Cups

S.S Tray

S.S Strainer

Alcohol Milk testing Gun

Alcohol Gun

S.S Bottle with stand


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