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Dairy and Bakery Ingredients



We are the sole disributors for Danisco's Ingredients in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Congo

These include:-

Bread Improvers:
All our bread improvers are tailor made and are in cocktail forms wiith a proffesional balance of contents like Emulsifiers, Enzymes and Preservatives.

These include:

PB ii203B

These are bread improvers for sweet and salt bread.
They are a combination of Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Flour Improvers and Enzymes


PB iiBB300
These are bread improvers for brown bread, whole meal bread and can also be used in normal sweet bread.
They contain soyabean flour as well as emulsifiers, flour improvers, gluten and enzymes.
These are intended for better dough formation, controlled oven spring, improved volume, shape, colour, bread softness and shelf life

PB Small Goods
These are tailor made for small baked goods like buns and open tin loaves.


We are supplies of preservatives from Danisco for both Juice and Bakery applications
These include: Natamax SF and Natamax G
Wheat Flour Ingredients.
These are customised for wheat flour millers and include:

PB iiLA510
It comprises of:
1. Oxidising agents (ascorbic acid) which facilitates the optimisation of baker's flour during bread production
2. Enzymes. Our enzymes are non-animal and are Halal / Kosher certified
3. Gluten: The protein part vital in wheat for good bread production.

Is a flour corrector to improve the baking performance of wheat flour. It is used for the production of yeast fermanted products.
It has similar components as PB iiLA510 but with a much higher concentration.
It also contains emulsifiers vital for better baked products.

PB ii200
This is intended for improving weak flours and it has a higher concentration of oxidising agents like Ascorbic acid. The enzymes used are intended for both standardisation and optimisation of the baker's flour.

PB iiLA500
This is intended for large scale millers and has the same constitutes as PBIILA510 but highly concetrated with unique non animal enzymes

Dairy Ingredients
Starter Cultures

We have high quality Starter Cultures including:
Yo-mix yogurt cultures from Danisco (Pro-biotic yogurt culture) and cultures used in Cheese production e.t.c

Yogurt Stablisers
These stabilise and thicken yogurt preventing separation and replace corn starch

Ice Cream Stabilisers
We supply ice cream stablisers and flavours

Snowmans Group is also a distributor of flavours for both juices and ice cream.
These come in two categories i.e clear and emulsions.
They include vanilla, orange, pineapple, chocolate and mango flavours among others.

- Calcium Propionate
These are food shelf life extenders.
- Cake Gell
- Tin Greese
All our ingredients are all ISO9001, HACCP and WHO certified

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